Arctic Expedition 2014: Starts tomorrow!

Just a quick note everyone to let you know that our Arctic Expedition begins tomorrow. We’ll spend 3 days in Ottawa and then fly to Kuujjuaq in northern Qubec to board our icebreaker.

We’ll only have sat phone connection to home while we’re at sea. But Students On Ice will be posting updates on their blog. So be sure to tune in HERE to follow our expedition.

I’m packed and ready to roll early in the morning. I’ll be helping to collect students from the airport as their flights arrive in Ottawa. I can’t wait to meet our 86 amazing students.

Time for an adventure! ūüôā



Arctic Expedition 2014: our expedition route

"Not all those who wander are lost..."

“Not all those who wander are lost…”

Our adventure will begin in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where 86 high school students and 46 educators and staff will meet for a few days of orientation and getting to know each other. After touring around our Nation’s capital ¬†and enjoying our introductions, we’ll hop on a charter flight headed to Kuujjuaq, in northern Quebec. Kuujjuaq is on the coast of Ungava Bay and this is where we will board our icebreaker for our 11 day adventure. The map below shows our planned expedition route although that’s subject to change depending on weather and a whole lot of other factors. But that’s half the adventure, wondering what’s going to happen next!

Our planned expedition route that will take us to the coast of Labrador and Greenland.

Our planned expedition route that will take us to the coast of Labrador and Greenland.

Below is an outline of our itinerary. For more details, visit the Students On Ice expedition website:

July 9 – students and staff meet in Ottawa for orientation and introductions and team building exercises

July 12 – fly to Kuujjuag to board our icebreaker

July 13 – Explore Button Islands, Nunavut

July 14 – Arrive in Torngat Mountains National Park

July 15 – Saglek Fiord, Torngat Base Camp & Research Station

July 16 Рexplore Naffak Brook & Rose Island as well as experience a polar dip in the icy arctic waters

July 17 – Crossing the Davis Straight to Greenland

July 18 РA visit to the town of Nanortalik, Greenland

July 19 Рexploring Tasermiut / Prins Christian Sund Fiords 

July 20 Рexploring the area and wildlife of the Paamiut Area, Arsuk

July 21 – exploring¬†Nuuk, Greenland’s capital and oldest city

July 22 Рexploring the fjords of Kangerlussuatsiaq Evighedsfjorden

July 23 Рtime to head back to Ottawa from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

July 24 – Our end-of-expedition celebration in Ottawa

It’s an absolutely packed itinerary that promises plenty of adventure. I really look forward to sharing my adventures with you through photos and stories on ¬†my blog posts. So keep checking back here for updates. And to get a better idea of what the expedition is like, click HERE to see an overview of the Students On Ice 2013 arctic expedition.

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