Arctic Bound in 27 days!

Hey Everybody!

It’s been quiet here on the blog, sorry about that! It’s because I’ve been working 24/7 to prepare for the launch of our Youth Environmental Ambassadors Program on the upcoming Students On Ice arctic expedition. And we  begin our phenomenal adventure in only 27 days. Woweee! Still a TON of things to get done before the adventure begins, but I’m loving every minute of the preparation. Life sure is exciting!

With only 27 days until we leave for the arctic, the countdown begins. And so now I’ll posting here on the blog to let you know what’s happening. There is just SO much to share with you! The excitement is palpable! I wish I could take you all with  me. But the next closest thing is to share my journey with you through this blog and our Facebook page. So I hope you’ll tune in here regularly to see what’s happening.

Learning Through Adventure_edited-1

From now until the start of our incredible adventure on July 9th, I’ll be making daily posts here on the blog, so that you can enjoy this adventure with me. I’m hoping that I might be able to share the odd blog post while I’m  knee-deep in adventure, but we’ll be on an icebreaker in the arctic for two weeks, with very limited ability to communicate. As you may know, communication via satellite phone is really expensive. But I’m hoping to send out a few really brief updates. Otherwise, I’ll be posting like crazy as soon as I’m back. I’ll be just bursting to share my stories of adventure with you! I hope I’ll have a gazillion photos to share with you, some video clips, and so many great stories…

For now, I want to introduce you to our expedition. The expedition is being provided by Students On Ice. I’ll be one of 46 educators and staff who will be helping to provide 86 high school students (primarily from Canada and the U.S., but also from other parts of the world) with the adventure of a lifetime! We’ll be immersing them in everything arctic. There will be a focus on the environment, given that the arctic is change SO rapidly, due to global climate change and other factors. But that’s just a part of the experience. Students will learn about the arctic past, present and future. So they’ll learn about arctic history, culture, art, music, ecology, environmental change, politics, policy, geology, glaciology, and so much more!

Lauch_SOI exp page

To begin our countdown, I wanted to share with you the first postings on the Students On Ice 2014 Arctic Adventure website. It describes the route of our expedition – flying from Ottawa, Ontario to Kujjuaq, in northern Quebec. There, we will board the icebreaker which will take us to the coast of Labrador, to discover the Torngat Mountains National Park, where we’ll spend the first half of our adventure. The second half of the adventure will be spent exploring the southwest coast of Greenland, including some incredible fjords that are virtually unexplored.

To meet the team of educators and staff who will be helping to provide students with a life-changing experience, click HERE.

I hope you’ll tune in daily to see what’s new and exciting as we approach July 9th, the beginning of our arctic expedition, the launch of the Youth Environmental Ambassadors Program, and an experience of a lifetime!

We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave us a comment or question.

Yours in adventure,


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